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The adventure of the three axe wielders

It was a cloudy friday morning and everything was quiet in the town of Manvillage. The three axe wielders had decided to head out to the town of Wallriver. The word was that there lived an axe forger with great skill and the three were very excited about the fact that the forger could make their weapons of choice better. The journey started early that morning when the three went to the bakers of Harju for their morning breakfast… this was a pleasant experience and can be recommended for anyone seeking morning sustenance. After this the three headed out in their mighty chariot…

The journey continued…

They followed the signs:







The moon lit the way:

And finally they arrived: 

The great axe forger was alas on holiday so they had to make do with the king who luckily also knew a thing or two about forging axes. The king however was not pleased that one of his servants had promised the three passage and an audience with the king. However when the elder (also known as the wise one) told the king of their great journey he agreed to see what he could do.

The vast halls of equipment and axes were an impressive sight. There they saw and indeed tried out the mighty JPX, forged for one of the mighties axe wielders of all time! But the three were also very disappointed because they could not find any Mesas to test their axes on. After a while in the rivaling kingdom of Markun musiikki they headed out for an all you can eat buffet which hit the spot…

At when they returned to the king he had already completed two of the four axes. The elder and the younger had gotten their axes made so that none could deny their awesome power. There was now only a question about the last two axes and it was not at all good news… the axes in question were made by a samurai master named Ibanez and they had special abilities far beyond any normal axe. however there was a problem with the first of the two. The RG3120 had been worked at with such a hard hand that the adjustment screw did not come loose and thus could not be adjusted. This along with the fact that the metal of the knife edge had been severely worn meant that a replacement soon had to be made… this greatly saddened the third axe wielder. Now the question of the second Ibanez. The replacement locking nut which the axe wielder had purchased from the local locksmith did not fit and thus left the second axe in no fighting condition. This totally broke the spirit of the axe wielder.

And so their adventure in Wallriver was over and they headed home with much joy and contemplation…

The three:

The elder, also known as the wise one

The younger, also known as the one with the BFR

The third one was known as the tree for he had often accidentally tried to chop himself down.. or it might have been because his head seemed to be made of wood, no one really knows anymore…

…And the adventure goes on…


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