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night owl

nå nog sku jag gärna sova redan men a bad case of too much karkki håller mig vaken.. o ja ha int ens äti så farligt myki karkki. men o andra sidan så kanske de e en helt bra grej. behöver int äta nå karkki nåmer då…

en annan bra orsak varför det skulle vara bra att sova vid det här laget är att jag har väckning om ca 4 timmar då det bär av på roadtrip till Seinäjoki. vad göra i Seinäjoki ni undrar? …

There once was three axe wielders. They lived happily in their hometown of Manvillage where they had much creative use of their axes. They would come to gatherings and wield their axes in such a fashion that people were amazed at their skill.

At the time of autumn it came to pass that the mighty three gathered for a meeting of discussing and trying out each others axes, and there was much rejoicing and sweet sounds. There was much discussion on how one could refine ones axe so that it would handle better. Then the eldest of the three remembered that he had heard of a place called Wallriver. In this town of Wallriver there was a mighty axe forger who had a shop by the name of Top Sound. (quite an odd name for an axe shop but anyway…) So the Three planned a days journey to the shop where they could bring their axes to be fine tuned. This would also be a good opportunity for browsing other axes and various things one would use to complement the axe and bring it’s full potential to life and why not check out some hammers as well and also heavy anvils. It so also happened that close by there was a mighty wizard called Markku which coincidentally also had a shop. This shop was called Markun Musiikki and he also had a wide variety of axes and why not stop by there as well, for it was just a short distance away.

And so the journey is about to begin and all the people of Manvillage will soon be amazed once again by the beauty and stunning wielding of axes the likes of which this town has never seen before… The story goes on…


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  1. Manne

    först bloggar du int på fyra månader, och nu regnar inläggen… Nåja, medeltalet blir ju bra så.

    August 19, 2011 at 10:01 pm

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