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back from the abyss…

…was what I was going to call this blog when I a few days ago thought about uppdating it. Originally it was going to be a sort of summing up of the past 6 weeks since my latest entry. However at this particular moment in time it seem to be more out of necessity.

I read a blog earlier this evening about listening to music and the feelings it awakens. All in all it’s been a weird week. A good week nevertheless but extremely different, challenging and just filled with revelations of smaller and not so small proportions.

I started a spiritual journey (if you will) on facebook. This consists of an e-mail message in the morning and evening. In the morning I take time to read this message and reflect over it. A phrase is given to think about the whole day before you gather yourself to prayer and meditation over the messages in the evening. I find that during this week I’ve started to appreciate God on a more mental level. After all, it’s written we should love him with all our mind as well as our heart and soul. And somehow this thinking has gotten me closer to keeping God in my thoughts. Yesterday I started researching the bible because of an argument on a newspaperpage. I found this activity of though most intriguing, trying to get a grip on the more difficult questions and having God in my thoughts while doing so.

Another part of this whole thinking adventure is friday evenings youth meeting. It was a great meeting with a lot of (how should I put it, in lack of a proper english vocabulary) good stuff in it. Playing the guitar and trying to sing while doing so a few times and the singing of the people attending. The pizza! The prayer and the teaching we heard. I shan’t go into that any deeper. Those who were there know what it was about and those who weren’t will have to live with the suspense. Sufficed to say it got me thinking a great deal. In a good way I might add. And another part of the evening… (witch would cover the weird or not really, more confounding, but not really because I’ve since thought about it and analyzed it) However that part of the conversation is reserved for…well, less said the better I suppose.

…Which brings us to this particular moment. I find that writing has vented alot of stuff I’ve been thinking about and situations I’ve been reflecting over. All I’ve got left is: It’s in God’s hands now. I shall go to my evening message and continue my journey. Thank you friends for being there and brightening up the dark autumn days with your blogs, facebook messages, icehockey games and I just had a thought: I saw an episode of Buffy the Vampire Slayer where everybody lost the ability to speak. The thought behind that was that when you stop talking you start communicating. Anyways, those were my thoughts. Be Blessed!


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