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cut off

feeling a bit cut off at the moment. two of my closest friends are out of town and I’ve just been sitting round the house not doing very much. got a message to go play football(soccer) last friday so I went but nobody else showed up. you could say that I was a bit annoyed that day.

well at least I’ve gotten to process 6-7 hours of prog this week with my new Dream Theater – When Dream And Day Reunite DVD and Neal Morse – Sola Scriptura And Beyond

Neal Morse-Somber Days

If you’re feeling down today
If you’re dreading your next breath
Your hurt down to the bone
There is someone here with us
God is close as your next breath
He won’t leave you alone

Through your somber days when you feel all alone
(All your suffering he has known)
Through your somber days
When you feel like no one cares
(Touch your memory; he is there)
Through these somber days…
All these somber days
(He will walk with you all the way)
No matter how it hurts please stay here
One more day, help is on the way
They’ll be no more suffering

Ps. mitt tålamod e typ – sådär långt :P


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